5 major takeaways from the preseason

Here are the things we can collect from the preseason Brooklyn Nets.

When things went awry at the Barclays Center at 6:07 PM last Sunday, NBA basketball bounced back successfully after a 63 – day hiatus, ending the league ‘s shortest offseason ever. But while some more weather bubble participants might argue otherwise, that time didn’t feel as short as our calendars would suggest, with basketball fans cheering. appear to have had no thirst for another season.

The game also ended at a 532-day interval when Kevin Durant was absent due to an Achilles injury. Fans couldn’t get excited about seeing the full roster finally working. This is going to be a delight.

The team’s preseason is now over after games against the Washington Wizards and Boston Celtics, and it was sure to be good to see Durant and Kyrie Irving on the floor at the same time.

We can’t judge the Nets after two meaningless games, but there are many reasons to be optimistic about this team’s competition aspirations for the upcoming season. We will get into it.


Kevin Durant # 7 of the Brooklyn Nets (Photo by Matteo Marchi / Getty Images)

5. Kevin Durant is on his own again

Kevin Durant is back, Nets fans.

As expected, the world paid close attention to how Durant moved around the court, especially during the team’s first game against Washington. Needless to say, he made it clear that if there were any concerns about his health yet, they were certainly useless. After a quick ball flick, Durant moved through the paint and to the edge for a two-handed slam slam just 45 seconds into the game.

Things only got better. Durant picked up 11 points in the first quarter, finishing with 15 with three assists, three rebounds, and two blocks. He looked even more promising throughout his next game at TD Garden, recording 25 points, three blocks, and six rebounds, all in 27 minutes of play.

Don’t forget the stats, though. The manner in which he moved up and down the hard forest, he welcomed communication, and showed that advanced body language stood out and announced his return. Running, jumping, and cutting easily, Durant not only demonstrated the renewal of his physical health, but also did not leave the injury behind mental splits or boundaries.

At no time did Durant look like anything other than the complete monster we know, quickly and definitively concluding the statement “he may not return the same”. Credit his trainers, his doctors, and of course, Durant himself, for this renewal. Grab your scythes and hoods, as the astronomer is slender back.