2809 corona patients were diagnosed yesterday, the rate of positive tests – 3.6% – news in the country

Those photographed have nothing to do with the news

Those photographed have nothing to do with knowing

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2,809 new corona patients were diagnosed yesterday (Thursday) in Israel. 79,000 tests were performed and the positive rate is 3.6%.

There are 419 patients in critical condition, of whom 105 are respirators. Since the outbreak of the plague, 3,050 people infected with corona have died in Israel.

In the last seven days, an average of 2,241 patients were diagnosed per day. When Israel reaches the 2,500 mark, “tightened restraint” will be declared, as stipulated in the Corona Cabinet.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Health Minister Yuli Edelstein will be vaccinated against the corona virus this coming Saturday evening at Sheba Hospital in Tel Hashomer.

In this way, Prime Minister Netanyahu will be one of the first leaders in the world to be vaccinated against the corona virus.

The Prime Minister and the Minister of Health, who will launch the vaccination campaign in Israel, will be vaccinated in front of the cameras live, in order to serve as an example and encourage the general public to get vaccinated against the corona virus. The Prime Minister will be accompanied by his doctor, Dr. Zvi Herman Berkowitz.

The corona projector, Professor Nachman Ash, said yesterday “In the coming month we will have to create restrictions that will reduce morbidity. We must do this, otherwise we will reach a huge number of critically ill patients and loads that we know from the second wave. We do not want to go back there.”

As for the imminent cessation of trade and the expected economic downturn, Ash said: “I understand the downturn, but we are seeing the end and an effort needs to be made towards that end.”

In an interview with News 12, Ash also referred to the upcoming vaccination campaign: “We will start with the medical teams and move forward according to the priorities set. I believe in stimulating the general population by advocating and also by activating a green passport.”

Ash was asked if he would be vaccinated and replied that he would do so without hesitation: “The vaccine is very effective, the side effects are marginal and transient as with any vaccine. I have no fear.”