12 researchers from Israel – some of the best in the world in their field

Israeli pride: A ranking of researchers at the American Stanford University placed 12 researchers from Tel Aviv University on the list of the 50 best researchers in the world in their field.

As part of the ranking, the researchers asked to check who the 2% of the world’s leading researchers in the various fields are. The total list contains about 160,000 researchers from 149 countries in 22 scientific disciplines and 176 sub-fields. According to the list, 333 faculty members at Tel Aviv University appear among 2% of the leading researchers (in terms of articles, citations and influence) in the various scientific fields.

Students sitting on the grass at Tel Aviv University, in 2018 // Photo: Gideon Markovich

In addition, when looking at the 50 leading researchers in each field – 12 researchers from the Israeli University appear in the list of the 50 best researchers in the world in their field. Prof. Yitzhak Gilboa from the School of Economics is ranked sixth in the world among researchers in the field of theoretical economics and his friend Prof. (Emeritus) David Schmidler from the School of Mathematics, is ranked 12th in the same field in the world.

According to the ranking, Prof. Iska Cohen Mansfield from the Faculty of Medicine was ranked 12th in the world in the field of geriatrics, and three faculty members from the Faculty of Engineering are also ranked high: Prof. Emilia Friedman in 26th place in her field, Prof. Emeritus Gideon Dagan and Prof. Boris Malmud in 5th place. -29, each in its own field.

“This is true Israeli pride,” said Vice President of Research Prof. Dan Peer, who is ranked among 0.4% of the world’s best researchers in the field of nanotechnology: “Tel Aviv University is known for its academic excellence and being a leading multidisciplinary university, and it is certainly a great honor.”

The list also includes Prof. Emeritus Micha Sharir of the School of Computer Science (35) and Prof. Arie Livnat of the School of Mathematics (36), as well as four faculty members from the Faculty of Humanities: Prof. Emeritus Rachel Giora (40), Prof. Israel Finkelstein (44) ), Prof. Emeritus Benjamin Isaac (45) and Prof. Emeritus Ilana Shohami who was ranked 47th in the world.