‘100% capable’ – Chilwell speaks Champions League title & transition to Chelsea backup role

The full-back was brought into the England squad for the qualifiers for the upcoming World Cup

Ben Chilwell has said the ability to win two trophies this season is in the minds of Chelsea players as they thrive under a new leadership.

The Blues were on the back foot when Frank Lampard was beaten in January, but an unannounced run under new manager Thomas Tuchel has restored confidence.

Chelsea are out of the Premier League title picture, but are still seeking honors in the Champions League and FA Cup.

What was said?

Chelsea beat Sheffield United at the weekend to secure the FA Cup semi-final with Premier League leaders Manchester City and are ready to face Porto in the west. finals in Europe.

Asked if Chelsea could finish the season with two wins, Chilwell told the Telegraph: “It’s 100 per cent possible. We’re both in tournaments and playing well, but that’s not something we’re talking about.

“I think it’s in everyone’s mind but right now – I know it’s cut – we’re just taking it week after week and the manager pointed out to us what it was. we have to do it.

“We need to keep improving in training and get into every game with the same mindset we had.”

New manager, new system, new role

Tuchel has moved Chelsea into a 3-5-2 form, and Chilwell had to switch to playing at the back rather than the left.

Tuchel was looking over for the start of the selection, but a former Leicester man has gone down in training and is now competing with Marcos Alonso for a starting place.

“I work hard in training and, coming into games, I ask a lot of questions, where can I be in a position, so that I can improve and have more opportunities to play. play in that role, ”the 24-year-old said. “But on the other hand, having two or three players in each position who can do different roles and different strengths makes it a lot harder for everyone to train, which is creating a good build around the place. ”

Euros Eyeing Success

The change in form at Chelsea has benefited Chilwell on the international stage, with Gareth Southgate’s England style of choice being 3-5-2.

While aware of the challenge posed by Manchester United’s Luke Shaw for the starting spot, Chilwell feels Tuchel’s tactics offer him an advantage heading into this summer’s European Championship.

“If you look at the format that England is playing, the shape that we’re playing here at the moment gives us the best opportunity to get used to playing in the venues. where England want us to play, ”said Chilwell. “We hope that gives us a good opportunity to go into the summer – that we can use it.

“Going into the Euro, if Luke and I are fighting and trying to determine who has the best club form going into the competition, that’s just positive. ”

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