10 things we learned about Imran Abbas during his Q&A on Instagram – Celebrity

With a long list of careers in television and theater under his belt, former actor Imran Abbas is a household name in the Pakistani media.

He is known for his great talent both at home and across the border.

The star recently took to Instagram to answer some fun questions posed by his fans from all over the world. While those from Egypt and India stopped by saying hello, the Dil-e-Muztar the actor dropped truth bombs about his life that we didn’t even know.

From marriage and acting to popularity and behind-the-scenes struggles, the star shared humorous responses on Instagram.

Here are some of the most interesting responses from his session.

Abbas is ready to tie the knot

Fans can be matchmakers

Be careful about imposters, he warned

He has a degree in …

He believes that there is beauty in the eye of the keeper

He knows that mothers should be respected

Show me the money

Perfect hair can be difficult to manage

And he doesn’t like comparisons at all

Most popular imran?