Zac Efron got Mullet, and he’s really pulling it off

Apparently the party is at the back. On a visit to Kent Town, Australia’s Attaboy salon, Zac Efron got a mini mullet, and mocks the scene in a way very not much can. The store shared multiple photos of Efron’s new thing on Instagram, announcing that they gave him the cut after he fell in for “tidying up.” The employees clearly have a sense of humor, add that the Down to Earth the star also dubbed Robby a “boss man” and made him “feel 17 again,” referring to Efron’s 2009 film.

For much of 2020, Efron has been living in Australia, where he met his girlfriend, Vanessa Valladares, in June, according to People. The September issue reported that Efron, who was renting a house from the beach at the time, had been hunting out houses in Byron Bay, and “it seems he intends to stay. in Australia permanently. “It is reported that he and Valladares are now living together, with a source saying that their relationship is” very bad. “

What seems to be taking a lot less of his mind is his new hairstyle – something that could become a trend for him. The well-choiffed star previously looked like a platinum blonde look last spring, admitting Entertainment tonight that he blew his locks after losing a bet with a friend. “It’s kind of a double dare,” he told the rebel, joking that it was an homage to Eminem’s childhood musical idol. Efron said he would not keep the new fee, however, as “that would be a big job. “

Surprisingly, he wasn’t the first Disney star to rock a mullet in 2020. Miley Cyrus has been showing off her whereabouts since January, and even pre- announced back in 2008 that the mullet would be coming back. “You know what, it’s kind of, like, getting in again!” the singer told a reporter in a throwback clip she recently shared on Instagram, All Allure. “As if it’s edgy and spiky, it’s pretty cool. I think it’s really starting to come back.”

Whether or not Efron has a new vision for Australia hair today, away tomorrow, at least critics will have a new excuse to keep a close eye on it.