Yair Lapid: Netanyahu should come discuss me tonight

Yesh Atid leader and prime minister Yair Lapid’s candidate said Saturday afternoon that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu should come to debate that night before Tuesday’s elections.

“The people of Israel deserve a debate,” he said. He needs to know what kind of government you are trying to create here. The recording studios are ready, the interviewers are ready, two podiums are waiting. “

Lapid said he would like to see if “Bibi is running away” after several discussions about whether Netanyahu would agree to such a debate.

“I’m ready to tell [Lapid] Simply put: We will now agree on a moderator and go for a debate, ”he said in an interview with journalist Erel Segal at a conference supported by Channel 20 on the right.

However, it is not clear whether such a debate will take place. In response, Yesh Atid said: “Clearly Netanyahu is not bad.”