WWE SmackDown results, rebalancing, levels: Roman Reigns sends final Fastlane message, Edge confronts Jey Uso

With Fastlane on Sunday, WWE SmackDown was largely built around Edge’s main event giving Jey Uso the right of the winner to be the exclusive ring bearer for the universal title game between the champion Roman Reigns and opponent Daniel Bryan. In the end, it was Edge who was able to come out with his hand raised, but the night didn’t end on a positive note for the WWE legend.

Edge took a spear from Reigns after defeating the camp’s cousin. Bryan wanted to get his hands on his opponent Fastlane, but he also found himself sent off after Uso supported the camp in gaining the upper hand to end the display.

CBS Sports was with you all night bringing you a recap and all the interesting things about what it did from inside the ThunderDome.

Edge wins Fastlane’s enforcement role

Edge was interviewed behind the scenes, quickly saying that he doesn’t keep Daniel Bryan hitting him with a running knee last week, because that’s exactly what he would have done. He also said he intends to make sure he impresses Uso to become Fastlane’s exclusive envoy as that is the only way Bryan will get a fair go when he confronts Roman Reigns at the event. Bryan was out later to cut a promo, voting to get Reigns to tap out at Fastlane, pull out the champion saying he would lose his arm before tapping out to any and that he would rather die in the ring than thank someone like Bryan. Bryan said whether or not Reigns taps out or not, he will win at Fastlane.

Edge def. Jey Uso via pinfall after striking a spear. Uso took the attack to Edge Ribs early on, putting the legend on defense for much of the game. Edge managed to fight through the injury – which clearly showed how his torso was covered in welts – to attack Uso’s shoulder and finally hit the spear to the special rape post for Bryan vs Reigns at Fastlane lock. After the game, Edge looked down Bryan at the reporting board, just to turn around to spear from Reigns. Bryan then went to face Reigns in the ring, but was attacked by Uso, allowing Reigns to strike a spear while the show went off the air.

Reigns and Bryan have a lot of chemistry on the sons and their dueling promos were the highlight of the show. It feels more and more like Bryan could make his way into the WrestleMania game, which would not be a bad thing as we have seen the chemistry appear between everyone involved . Edge held up his side of the game with Uso, proving once again that he has plenty to offer in the ring. Everyone said, all those departments were successful. Level: B +

Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair have mixed successes

SmackDown Women’s Competition – Sasha Banks (c) def. Nia Jax through a pinfall to hold the title. The show opened with a behind-the-scenes argument between Banks and Bianca Belair, with Belair asking why Banks decided to defend her title just days ahead of their challenge for Fastlane’s tag team titles. Belair told her opponent WrestleMania not to expect her to come and make the save when Banks confronted Jax. After a hot start with Banks, Jax took over the game until Belar’s ​​music hit and she made her way to a ring. Shayna Baszler put herself in the game and when Belair went after her in the ring, he let Baszler try to get in freely. Instead, her kick went wrong and she went to Jax’s face, allowing Banks to score a jackknife pin for the win to retain her title.

Bianca Belair vs. Shayna Baszler finished in an effortless competition after Tamina and Natalya attack the two women. Baszler asked the game to try to make up for her screw earlier in the night. Things had almost started before the run-in ended the game.

It was a welcome change that Reginald was not involved in this week, but Belair and Banks should be much more focused on each other with their WrestleMania game coming closer. The game will be good, but as a storyline, it just feels like this easy struggle on paper has been mishandled at every turn. Now, they are not only dealing with Jax and Baszler, but also Natalya and Tamina. The heat is not exactly there as it needs to be between the two. Level: C.

What else happened on WWE SmackDown?

  • Shinsuke Nakamura outscored Seth Rollins with Kinshasa. Rollins cut a promo on Cesaro, shouting out the biggest talent splash in WWE history. This brought out Nakamura, who quickly overtook Rollins.
  • Rey & Dominik Mysterio def. Street profits through a fall when Dominik used rana to pin Angelo Dawkins. After the match, Chad Gable and Otis came to the ring to insult the Mysterios leading to an immediate match.
  • Chad Gable & Otis def. Rey & Dominik Mysterio through fall when Otis hit a shower off the second rope on Dominik.
  • Sami Zayn has teamed up with Kevin Owens to join his conspiracy documentary. Owens told Zayn to think that it may be the very things that are happening to him. Zayn told Owens to come to a ring for his game and tell him nothing will happen.
  • King Corbin def. Sami Zayn via pinfall with End of Days. WWE released a video package naming the game the least anticipated game in WWE history. After the game, Zayn Owens hit Helluva with a kick after being told by Owens that nothing fishy happened that led to his loss.
  • Big E and Apollo Crews were interviewed from different locations before Big E had enough and left the interview to go against Crews. This caused a backlash brawl back with Big E pushing the teams, throwing it into equipment all over the area until officers broke them and the teams slipped away in a golf cart.