Verzuz reportedly spent $ 500,000 to complete the upcoming battle Too Short and E-40

Verzuz and Apple Music are going out for the battle of Too Short and E-40. The music show goes down Saturday (Dec. 19) and the Verzuz and Apple Music team appears to have raised a total of $ 500,000 to make the show, according to sources involved in the production.

The West Coast mythological battle takes place on a stage in Northern California and is the final show for the rest of 2020, so it made sense that they would want to go mach le brag. TMZ reports that the half-million-dollar show will feature concert-style lighting and some expensive props, including two classic old-school cars that will be staged behind all the rappers.

Sources told TMZ that Apple, which is now streaming all Verzuz battles, is open to a large budget for the production of the displays because the company “understands so much of culture. ” The uprising also said Bay Area rappers had planned to clash at the Steve Jobs Theater on Apple Campus, but their performance had to be shifted due to COVID safety concerns.

Verzuz has been promoting the battle all week through his social media channels in anticipation of the show, including promotional videos featuring athletes like Marshawn Lynch and Damian Lillard.

The battle between the legendary rappers was announced shortly after the cancellation of last week ‘s supposed battle between Ashanti and Keyshia Cole. The show had to be postponed until January after the “Foolish” singer was positive for COVID-19. Too $ hort said earlier in the week that he was avoiding social gatherings before the event and that he and his competitor will be tested for the virus ahead of the show. The Verzuz battle kicks off tonight at 8pm ET / 5pm PT on Instagram Live at Verzuz or on Apple Music.