‘Valheim’ hits 6 million players and pulls information about its first update

Valheim has sold 6million copies, and Iron Gate Studios has announced a tease of upcoming updates.

The game has continued to perform well since its launch, managing to sell over 2 million copies within its first fortnight, and the developers have the secrets tell them about the future of the game.

In an update through SteamIron Gate said: “We are very honored to have had the opportunity to take part in a number of interviews, from podcasts and game newsletters to Swedish television! It’s been a difficult time, but don’t worry! We are still working on the game. ”

“Our programmer has been working hard (and still is) on high priority bugs and issues reported by your players,” continues Iron Gate, citing networking issues and balancing tweaks to it. midge named “Deathsquito” As a priority for solutions at the time of writing.

The update then compresses progress on the game’s roadmap, and the upcoming Hearth and Home update.

“We’ve been focusing a lot on play testing and germ repairs, but with things settling in since its launch, we can spend more time working on our first major update! ”

Since its early release, Valheim has been extremely popular with players. A mod has recently combined the Better Continents mod and the WorldGenOptions mod to allow players to get over an in-game version of Europe.

Alternatively, players use the build-in options Valheim to create a replica of their favorite video game areas, such as a community project that has begun to recreate Whiterun from the popular Bethesda RPG Skyrim.