Use Telegram QR codes to invite people to put together chairs, new beta feature coming soon | Technology News

Telegram has a popular messaging platform in the works to feature a couple of features such as widgets, QR code support for group chairs, and options for reporting content. The new features are currently in the beta phase and will soon be ready for use for all users.

Seen by TestingCatalog, the 7.5 beta version of Telegram comes with new features that include support for QR codes that can be used to invite people to combine chairs and channels as well. The messaging app is also testing a way to restrict group connections. Admins will have the option to allow people to use a link for a specific period of time or until the end of the group member.

At the same time, another feature in a test for group chat messengers is to set a custom timer for automatically deleting messages.

In addition, Telegram is also adding options for users to report content including spam, violence, child abuse, pornography, or “other” on the app. Several posts can be reported simultaneously on Telegram.

On this beta update, there will also be new widgets that include two sizes where the smallest is a 2×2 widget, and the largest one is 5×2. The smaller widget shows up to four thumbs up with unread messages, and the larger one shows previews of your chairs and channels. Telegram could also support elected members to chat and comment in channels.