Unforgettable Season 4 episode 5 – will Cassie survive?

* Warning: there are spoilers for unforgettable season four, program five *

Unforgotten ‘s latest episode has left a main character hanging in the balance – and with them, perhaps the ITV series itself.

The program ended with a car crash all of a sudden, and we have to wait until program six before we find out what happened to that character: the cold case of DCI cop case Cassie Stewart (played by Nicola Walker in Unforgotten team).

But what exactly happened in the program, and how did Cassie get into the car crash?

Will Cassie survive the car crash?

Just at the end of episode five, Cassie “knackered” leaves the police mortar in her car, intending to drive home in the dark – but in the final seconds, another car hits half.

This is an awful time, and one we might see coming – the scripts have made the point of highlighting how attractive and tired Cassie has been all season.

At the beginning of program five, Cassie is tired of gaining power despite the recent setbacks. As she tells her partner, John: “I need to see this now. ”

Memorable Season 4 (ITV)

However, in her personal life things have gone wrong, especially with her father, Martin (played by Peter Egan), who has early depression. He has changed his will and plans to leave half the house to his new girlfriend – something that annoys Cassie.

But (as John says) is she so angry about the house, and more angry with the prospect of losing her father to depression?

By the end of the day, the study has come on leaps and bounds. As DI Sunny Khan (Sanjeev Bhaskar) tells her: “Hey boss. We’re getting there. ”

She tries to contact Martin’s dad by phone, leaving him a voicemail. She distracts and examines her phone for missed calls while driving home, and a second car falls into her.

Has Cassie survived the crash? And was it a total accident – or could one of the suspects be behind it?

Unforgettable program 5 repetition: What Happened?

It’s hard not to focus on the last-minute, cliffhanger of program five, but the rest of the program was also full of reports and events.

It turns out that the victim Matthew Walsh was stabbed with a fountain pen, meaning his death was certainly a murder – and that the buyer of the pen could have been found.


Season four without memory (ITV)

At the same time both Fiona Grayson (Liz White) and DCC Liz Baildon (Susan Lynch) have been taken to the police station for further questioning, and (just as Cassie and Sunny were pre- tell), the increasingly dirty Fiona is the first to crack. She says she had no idea Walsh was stabbed, believing his death was an accident.

Liz is always quiet like a cucumber in the question room, but outside, things are starting to settle: she has drawn on her application for the main job in the Cambridgeshire police force back, and she threatens to suffocate her bed-tied elderly mother.

At the same time the investigation slowly closes in on Ram, and for Dean, the past comes back to haunt him – Dean ‘Quinn’ is said to be the his birth name and that he was brought up in a family of professional convicts.

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