Two killed in a plane crash in the north

Knitted News13.02.21 18:17 A. Bader Tishpa

Photo: MDA Spokeswoman

Fatal accident: During the Sabbath, a light plane crashed in the Gilboa area in an open area north of Road 71, near Afula. Two men in their sixties from the center of the country were killed in an accident. The rescue forces and MDA teams arrived at the scene of the incident.

MDA teams that arrived at the scene found two people unconscious – and were eventually forced to determine their deaths.

Senior MDA paramedic Yossi Neimark and MDA paramedic Sapir Bokobza said: “On the way to the incident, we joined a police car that took us to the depths of the agricultural area. We saw the smoke in the distance and approached the crash site. We saw the plane on fire. We have no choice but to determine their deaths on the spot. “

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