Two flames, at the same time: a malfunction in the refineries in Haifa

An unusual malfunction in the Haifa refinery complex: Two torches burned vigorously, simultaneously, this evening (Friday), emitting a large amount of smoke. Many residents reported the incident, fearing it might be a real fire. The refineries said that the torches began to burn due to the collapse of a compressor in a gasoline-producing facility, and as a result, the excess gases were released for “safe handling” of two torches. “Currently, the incident is over. We will continue to update if necessary,” the refineries added.

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The Haifa Bay Association of Cities for the Environment reported that dark black smoke was observed, “indicating that not all the gases are burned,” they said. The union added: “From an inspection conducted by the union drive, it was reported that one of the facilities at the BZN has ceased operations and we are investigating the incident.”

The malfunction at the refineries in Haifa The fault at the refineries in Haifa Photo: Shahar Sher

Advocate Sarit Golan, chairwoman of the Association of Cities, said: “While families are sitting around the Shabbat table, they are forced to witness the horrific sights of burning torches while emitting toxic substances into the air. The position of the Association of Cities that the petrochemical industry must be evacuated from the heart of the population is the decision that the CEOs’ Committee must make in order to prevent the variety of dangers posed by this complex to the public. ”

Dr. Revital Goldschmid, a key activist in environmental organizations in Haifa, said: “Friday evening, (suffocated) in Haifa Bay. If anyone else needed proof why the polluting industries must be evacuated from here. The torch may be an emergency facility but a mega-flame indicates a malfunction. Another malfunction emitted into our air! “