Twitch’s relentless flow is proof that there should be more rules

As Twitch climber Ludwig Ahgren continues his subathon, the danger of the practice makes it clear that a streaming platform needs more rules.

Ludwig Ahgren, a popular content creator and climber, is currently in a non-stop center Twitch a stream that helps provide proof that the platform needs clearer rules and regulations. The Ludwig subathon is in fact a marathon stream that is not circulated in length, with spectators able to join to extend the length of the stream. In theory, it’s a sensible idea to help generate a stream of subscribers while providing the kind of long-stream content that has been successful with some of the names. largest in the platform in the past.

In practice, however, Ludwig’s relentless Twitch stream effectively tests the platform and its willingness to allow content creators to put themselves at risk. The Ludwig subathon started on Sunday and has been a regular sight in the tens of thousands. With more hype created by spectators drawn to the exciting practice, plenty of newer spectators have appeared and joined to help keep the marathon going. That effectively means, every time Ludwig has gone to sleep – which he does on streams in a racecar bed – he has woken up to a longer marathon count. At the time of writing, he has more than 72 hours left on the marathon, with time continuing to add as more spectators flock to Ludwig’s strong brand of dry clothing and range. of content.

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To be clear, Ludwig ‘s own stream does not appear to be entering a dangerous area. He has been sleeping regularly, resting away from his computer to cook, shower or work out, and has been regularly checked by householders, many of whom are successful content creators on their own. Ludwig’s concept makes sense, especially within the current Twitch rules framework, which has nothing in place to prevent climbers from engaging in this type of marathon content. Ludwig is not a problem, and of course, his publicity about parasocial relationships and other issues that content creators find difficult to raise awareness in their audience is often updated.

Why Ludwig ‘s relentless Twitch Stream could cause problems in the future

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The issue lies in Twitch’s management systems, which consistently fail to protect content creators – whether from fans or themselves. Some climbers have complained that Twitch has failed to protect them from stalkers, while one climber died in 2017 while trying to finish a 24-hour marathon. With the knowledge that these types of long marathons can be difficult for a streamer’s physical and mental health, it becomes very clear that Twitch needs to implement more rules to help deter content creators from reaching those points.

Again, Ludwig’s own flow seems like a well-thought-out effort that doesn’t seem to put the content creator in real danger. It’s also a unique affair, though, as he’s already an established climber with a great following and an infrastructure that makes marathons possible. For many content creators, it would be even harder and much more dangerous for their health to follow something like this stream. Just three days into the Ludwig subathon, however, the climber revealed that he had made about $ 140,000 USD (as reported by Dot Esports), and that kind of value – or the pursuit of money that is even a fraction of it – will no doubt encourage other climbers to try something similar.

Twitch needs to have better protection systems for content creators. Something like a captain on a stream – 24 hours in a row, at most, before being forced offline for a long time – would go a long way. Even without steps that are really great, it’s important to help content creators feel it less pressure to try out the types of marathon streams in the future. The success of Ludwig, and Twitch taking advantage of it could set a chaotic precedent, and while there is nothing sinister behind Ludwig ‘s own opinion, what it comes from could be dangerous without more rules to endanger it. which is too short of people who follow the life of a content creator.

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