Traffic jams in Tel Aviv, thousands protesting on the way to Balfour

Demonstration in Balfour (Photo by Prime Minister)

Mazel Tov! Today (Saturday) the protesters against the government of Benjamin Netanyahu mark six months to the demonstrations. Thousands of protesters are in several places across the country as part of a protest against Prime Minister Netanyahu.

The black flag movement announced its march from the String Bridge in Jerusalem to Balfour Street, and the Crimean Minister movement also announced that it would come to protest at the permanent location, as well as the Movement for Quality of Government, with the goal of filling the street in front of the Netanyahu family home.

So far, black flag demonstrations have taken place at intersections, bridges, squares and neighborhoods across the country, marking the 26th week in protest. According to the movement: “The protest is the only vaccine developed against corruption, incitement and administrative failure of criminal organizations. This week there is an opportunity to get the head of the corrupt out of Balfour. Gantz has no mandate to negotiate the defendant’s stay in power.”

As for the protesters in Tel Aviv, Israeli police officers are now conducting traffic directions for drivers due to heavy traffic congestion currently being recorded in the Clock Square area in Jaffa and in the nearby streets leading to the square. Police are urging the public not to come to this area and to obey the instructions of the police deployed in the axes for the purpose of flowing the traffic.

The Prime Minister is holding a march from the String Bridge to Balfour, a distance of 7 kilometers, with exhibits of submarines, signs protesting against alleged corruption and, among other things, signs in support of Bishi Hadas, chairman of the New Contract Association, who was arrested and taken for questioning.

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