Tom Holland Is Tight Lipped on Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield Cameos in ‘Spider-Man’

Earlier in the day, the actor blossomed the internet when he looked for a possible title for the new superhero pic webslinger.

Tom Holland sat down with Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday to talk about what’s to come Spider-Man film, which became a moving subject earlier in the day after the actor was among a number of shooting members who drew a potential title and made the internet flourish.

‘I’m so happy to announce the new thing Spider-Man title, “Holland wrote on his Instagram account along with a stallion.” I can’t wait to see what we’ve been up to. Love from Atlanta. “In the next picture was the title,”Spider-Man phone home“in the classic font. The post received more than 3 million appearances, and some weird comments – including one from another Zendaya star, who wrote,” What the hell. “

There was no word on the actual title when Holland appeared, although Fallon questioned the actor whether Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield would have cameos in the film, as reported. “It would be a miracle if they could keep that from me,” he smiled at Holland, making it clear that he was obviously reading the script from start to finish.

The film is being shot in Atlanta on a stage where Holland was originally hearing for auditions Spider-Man. The actor revealed that his brother Harry has a cameo in the film, which came to light after he played a part of a drug dealing with a ‘shaker kid’ in it. Cherry. “We thought that in every movie I was there was Harry, that Harry would repeat his role as the shaking baby,” Holland said. “So he’s back again in his own kind of, MCU Cinematic Universe as the ecstasy deal shaker kid.”

The film, from director Jon Watts – previously directed Spider-Man: Homecoming and Far from home – expected to be released on December 17th.

Talk more about it Cherry, Holland talked about why he wanted to do the crime drama project. “I had to educate myself about the problem,” Holland said, referring to the opioid epilepsy. “I wanted to shed light on a problem that is on everyone’s doorstep.”

Holland said, “I hope people can watch this film and feel more confident about opening up and seeking help.”

He said he lost 30 pounds for the film, and then at one point the Russo brothers – the film ‘s co – directors – put things on hold and had to lose some weight again after releasing it. “I love the Russos and would do anything for them, but I honestly thought they were going to kill me,” he smiled at Holland.

Cherry releases in theaters February 26 and on Apple TV + March 12.