This is what Melania Trump’s days in Mar-a-Lago look like

Donald and Melania Trump landed in Florida about a month ago, put the presidential chapter behind them and began a whole new chapter. Now people close to the two are telling what their daily routine in Mar-a-Lago looks like, revealing Melania Trump’s new enemy


This week will mark the first month since Melania and Donald Trump left the White House, a month we spent mostly longing for the hallucinatory stories the former presidential couple would produce. Since moving to Mar-a-Lago in Florida the two have been documented a few times outside, and we haven’t heard much about their new life routine. Now, people close to the two are telling CNN what it looks like inside.

According to the source, Melania and Donald spend most of the day in complete idleness and in the pastimes of a retired couple. “Melania goes to the spa, eats lunch, returns to the spa and eats dinner with Donald on the patio,” the source said. “And repeats God forbid, every day, but her routine is no different from the routine she had as the first lady, or the routine she had when she would come on vacation.”

Don’t let the utopian description fool you – Melania hasn’t put her time at the Hellenic House behind her, and she’s already opening her eyes to the new first lady – Jill Biden. “Melania is bitter and cool towards her husband because of Jill,” the acquaintance said. What is the reason for the cool bitterness? Many believe it lies in the warm welcome Dr. Jill received from the public and White House staff – which Melania Trump did not win. And while the last few weeks of Melania’s presidency have been resigning one after another, Jill has already recruited a whole team of loyal aides. What else has angered Melania? To the gates.