These restaurants across the US offer Passover food delivery

One year into the pandemic and we are marching towards this second “why-is-this-seder-different-than-all-other-seders”. If cooking isn’t your jam, or you’ve just made too much of it this year, relax yourself.

Tons of places across the U.S. offer Seder-filled food to go through pick-up, delivery or delivery. With menus ranging from brisket and matzah ball soup to crab and chicken tagine, you’ll be spoiled for choice. We have compiled the best of them below.

Austin, texas


The holiday dinner will include hummus with matzah and made-out crudités, a short braised rib, and a flour-free chocolate tahini tart. The menu is served cold with reheating instructions. Pickup March 27-28, 11 am-4pm

Contigo Supply

Dukkah roasted carrots have arrived in Austin! All orders must be placed by March 21. Available for collection or delivery.


Michael’s Deli

From “My wife’s most amazing Brisket” to “Abuela’s Gefilte Fish (Latin Style),” there is something for everyone. Order by March 19 to confirm your order. Delivery for orders over $ 150 is available to Brookline, Needham, Newton and Wellesley only.

Delicatessen Mamaleh

At Mamaleh’s, you’ll find everything: a plate of Seder, booze, Haggadahs and jumping frogs – as well as something to eat. Dinner is available Seder la carte. Pickup March 25-April 4.

Charlotte, NC


Meshugganah offers a choice of meat seder food – filled with braised brisket in Manischewitz and gefilte fish made with local Carolina white fish – or fish meal with pickled trout in sour cream. Ingredients, including for the seder plate (additional cost), are sourced locally. Pickup only, March 26, mid-5pm


Lettuce entertains you

(Lettuce Entertain You)

With a dozen restaurants around the Chicago area offering seder food to go, the Windy City swims in a matzah ball soup!



Don’t forget brisket: Galit has prepared a pastrami described as “The Lower East meets Armenia.” The matzah is cooked in their wood oven. Nothing beats their macaroons, either: raspberry & rose, pistachio & cardamom, and dark chocolate & sea salt. Pickup March 27th.

Hungarian with Sarah’s tent

Their Seder box (available for pickup) serves four and offers a choice of two menus. Each one includes food with all the ingredients (seder plate, matzah, grape juice), but one thing is a little lighter and more salad-on-the-go. They also offer a full list of kosher for Passover prepared food available for advanced order or pick up from their location in Skokie.




Doesn’t everyone prepare matzah duck ball soup and harissa roast chicken for their sesame? Pastaver Safta meals serve four and are priced at $ 195, although Vahlrona’s flour-free chocolate cake is worth ordering for an additional $ 40. Available for build.


Kenny & Ziggy’s New York Delicatessen Restaurant

This is what Passover dreams are all about – from quinoa salad to stuffed kishka and everything in between. Order via email ([email protected]), fax (713-871-8884), phone (713-871-8883) or on Goldbelly. Orders must be placed by March 19 and picked up by March 27 at 2pm

Los angeles

The rabbi’s daughter

This kosher butcher offers a Passover table full of the classics like brisket, kugel and gefilte fish. Orders must be placed by March 19th.

American Jewish University

This seder diet includes the usual suspects, and some fish and vegan options, too. Food will be delivered via courier service, via unattended drop-off anywhere within a 40-mile radius of their LA campus (90077 Zip code).

Birdie g’s

(Jim Sullivan)

With a year-round hip record, why should Passover be an exception? Get your beet haroset and paint of gribenes (crispy chicken skin) from this Santa Monica spot. Available for kerbside collection or order online through Tock.


Lasko getaways

This Miami Beach company offers seder food as well as food for the rest of the vacation, including child-friendly options.

Sarah’s tent

This Aventura place has seder packs for up to 24 people (!) With a choice of starters, side dishe, and mains (chicken, brisket or barbecue ribs). Orders must be placed by March 22nd, but don’t wait! They could close their site if they get over orders.

New orleans


Chef Alon Shaya’s Pack menu includes braised oxtail, crispy fried matzah and boiled eggs with beetroot, as well as a seder plate. Available for preorder March 21-24 and for construction March 27-28.

New york area

Pomegranate supermarket

The Brooklyn store seems to have it all. If you didn’t know you needed fried Asian roasted mushrooms or chimichurri, here it is now. Available for delivery, delivery or pick-up through March 25th.

MishMish Montclair

If you have the time and where (ie car) to get out of town, do yourself a favor and make your way to Upper Montclair, New Jersey. Who wouldn’t want a treat on a Persian brisket, a Moroccan chicken tagine or potatoes and short rib fritters at their retailer? Orders must be placed by March 23; pickup March 26th.

Modern Bread and Bagel

The gluten-free menu at this Upper West Side restaurant will make you forget it’s Passover. Mac and baked cheese! Rolls made with cassava flour! Available for local pick-up or delivery from March 25-April 2 (store closed for holidays March 28-29). They also grow Passover bread and pastries all over the country.

The marais

For food seder with an accent à la française. Available on March 26 for pick up and delivery.

Baking bread

It may feel funny to order food from a place called Breads, but the milk seder menu of this establishment is no laughing matter. An afternoon of crayon, a Moroccan fish dish, and a flourless brownie cake. Orders must be placed online or by phone (212-633-BAKE) by March 25 – but don’t wait, they could sell out. Delivery or pick-up from one of their two Manhattan locations.

Carissa Bakery

This Hamptons spot combines Ashkenazi and Sephardic flavors for a celebratory seder meal. Pickup and delivery available March 26-28.


Abe Fishing

(Abe Fisher)

This CookNSolo restaurant that is renowned for its contemporary take on World Jewish cuisine offers a menu with the coffee brisket of the mother of chef Michael Solomonov in the center. Oh, and there’s a “house-everything-spice” matzah too. Locals can order now and pick up on March 27 from 2 to 4 p.m. Their Passover food package, which will feed 4-6, will carry nationwide through Goldbelly and arrive March 24-25.

San francisco


This Spanish kitchen and bar prepares a four or five course menu for takeaway, delivery or patio. The matzah ball juice is seasoned with spinach, dill, garlic farfel and pickled cabbage. Their wine pair includes one extra glass for Elijah.

One market restaurant

This four-course menu includes matzah ball soup, pickled salmon, smoked beef brisket, flourless chocolate cake and matzah. Available through Tock for removal and delivery.

Delicatessen Jewish Wise Sons

While reading about the four sons in The Haggadah, you can thank Wise Sons for your food, which offers a classic album with a modern twist (I don’t think there were sides of pea beans and roasted pearl onions in the shtetl). Best news: You don’t have to live in San Francisco to enjoy it. Food for pick-up can be obtained from a number of untied, delivered or delivered locations.

Washington, DC

Lettuce entertains you

(Lettuce Entertain You)

With three restaurants in the DC area offering seder food for dinner in or out – Santa monica summer house in North Bethesda, Maryland; Mon ami gabi in Bethesda; and Joes Seafood, Prime Steak and Crab Clach in Washington – they’ve got you covered.

Gold belt

If you can’t find what you want or need locally, don’t look any further. Get a taste of Russ & Daughters in New York, MacBaby macaroons from Hawaii or a potato kugel from Charm City Kosher in Baltimore. With Goldbelly the world is your oyst… er, brisket.