The Supergirl season 6 trailer features a heartbreaking death

Supergirl season 6 is finally making it to the screens and now the CW has released a new premium trailer.

It’s been a long time since then Supergirl has moved up on our screens. The superhero and Arrowverse veterans series has been a major TV show since its inception in 2015 but has not featured a new program since last May when it ended its fifth season on a strong note with a which was very good. finale impromptu.

Due to the shutdown and the delay in production, the show – and most US TV shows – were unable to return in their usual slots. However, after a long wait, Supergirl he will return for his sixth and final season on March 30th.

But while things were quiet regarding the show’s updates, it was possible to make an even quieter argument on the front of the trailer as the CW had not yet released a trailer for the return of the upcoming show. That is, so far.

Watch Supergirl season 6, program 1 promo trailer

The sixth season of Supergirl It will begin by circulating the main stories of season 5, with the first release (and possibly the second program as well) ending the previous season. After that, the show begins the stories they have planned for the final installment. And, judging by that trailer, it looks like it’s one heck of a final installment!

Is the Girl of Steel really dying? We know it won’t last by any means, but could Lex Luthor take it out of play for a while? Remember, we are approaching the final round of the original season 5 so death – albeit temporary – could be on the horizon for Kara.

Although we have all been waiting anxiously Supergirl to return, it feels like our first sight has taken us all away. The reason for that was that he had not yet intended to return.

His spin-off series, the hugely popular ones Superman and Lois, he was supposed to continue but has to give him five weeks due to a product breakdown. As a result, the Girl of Steel was called in to help her cousin out and now she takes over the 9 / 8c spectrum, airing after Am Flash for the previous seven weeks Superman and Lois returning. After that, Supergirl season 6 gives itself a hiatus and returns in the summer.

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