The season 11 trailer of ‘The Walking Dead’ tightens an urban setting

New teaser section for last season of the walking Dead suggesting that the story move to an urban setting.

While no air date has been set for season 11, AMC released a 10-second teaser clip after the first release today (March 22) of season 10 of program 20, which marks a new environment for the final arc of the display.

Watch the teaser video below.

In the clip, the interior was photographed with the appearance of an outboard train on an underground platform. Graffiti on the wall says: “If there is a god it must begin for my forgiveness. ”

Mar Den Of Geek notes, Robert Kirkman ‘s original comic book sets the stage the walking Dead in a community called the Commonwealth, with 50,000 citizens and an established economy.

The publication writes: “Of course, this teaser could be completely metaphorical and meant to suggest that season 11 take place in a more urban environment without a literal underground system.

“It is more likely, however, that this teaser is intended to establish urban forms or that the plot will at some point turn a foot in another city. Either way, the teaser adds an exciting new look to last season. ”

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In other news, Walking dead spinoff The dead are afraid to walk getting his own spinoff show, Dead in the water, that will be written and tied into season six of the main show, telling the story of a submarine crew fighting for survival.