The rate of infection is declining, increasing morbidity among young people

According to data from the Ministry of Health, 1,869 Israelis were diagnosed yesterday (Saturday) as positive for Corona. The low number is a result of a minority of tests conducted on weekends. A total of 24,732,000 tests were performed yesterday and the rate of positive results was 7.8%.

According to data from the National Knowledge and Information Center for the Campaign in Corona, the infection coefficient R continues to decline and this morning stood at 0.85. The green line set by the Ministry of Health is 0.8. According to the center, “For now, each patient infects on average less than one person, in a way that indicates a decline in the spread of the plague. However, the rate of positives and the burden on hospitals continue to be absolutely high.”

According to the Knowledge and Information Center, there has been a change in the age mix of the critically ill patients. Among adults aged 60 and over, there is a clear decrease in the rate of verifications and severe morbidity, which are probably due to the effect of the vaccination campaign. However, there has been an increase in the number of new critically ill patients among the younger groups, who accounted for about 40% of the new morbidity in the past week.

A report released this morning by the Information Center states that “due to the widespread morbidity and the fact that a significant portion of the population has not yet been vaccinated, a change in the patient age mix is ​​not leading to a significant reduction in severe morbidity at this stage.”

The center warned that due to the removal of restrictions and the widespread distribution of the British variant, which has become dominant in Israel, there may be a recurrence of morbidity in the coming weeks.

In Israel, 61,244 active patients. The number of patients in critical condition this morning was 1,008, of whom 284 were respirated and 378 in critical condition. To date, 5,368 people have died from the disease and its complications.

3,832,387 people have so far been vaccinated in Israel with the first vaccine dose (41.59% of the public), and 2,464,280 (26.74% of the public) received the second vaccine dose.