The Pixel 5 is our smartphone of choice for the year 2020 for readers

Censuses closed for Android 2020 Police Readers’ Choice smartphone of the year. The winner, after a week of voting and more than 17,000 votes, is the Google Pixel 5, unveiling the Pixel 4a in the second place and Galaxy S20 FE in third place.

This follows a move set last year, which saw the Pixel 4 beat the OnePlus 7 Pro family – Android Police readers love their Pixels. And it’s not too hard to see why. Google Pixel phones always deliver among the best photography experience in the Android world, with a unique software experience. Features like Automatic Call Screen are so good, I would pay a membership to use them on other phones.

The new snazzy fan also has the Pixel 5.

Clearly we didn’t like the phone, with our review score. But the Pixel 5 has been popular, selling out for the unlocked model at the front of the Google store last week. That is not surprising, given some of its great features.

For one, it lasts ages on cost. Personally, I can break 10 hours of screen time, and that’s firmly in the world of two (if not three) battery life for most of us. The Pixel 5 also marked the return of a rear fingerprint sensor, which has been a useful feature this year and is easier to promote than a facelift when wearing a mask. The new ultra-wide camera may not offer as full a view as some other phones, but it does benefit from the fact that the same stellar Pixel processes the primary, leaving it as one of the best widescreen cameras we’ve ever used.

Note: Some of these were called 4a 5G ultra-wide angle, but it has the same cameras.

While a $ 700 Pixel 5 price tag might be a bit steep for some (usually for high-end Pixel phones), there are some big perks that come with ownership, such as super-fast Android version updates, folders clock-constant security, and Seasonal Feature. Drops that provide new features at a stable rate. Just earlier this month, the Pixel 5 acquired a new Adaptive Sound feature to tune its speakers in a variety of environments.

Our Editors ’Choice award is still coming up, so look forward to that news. But in the meantime, our readers have spoken, and the Pixel 5 has won their hearts, winning the Android Police 2020 Reader Choice Smartphone of the Year award.