The opportunity to blow up Trump’s casino

Casino Illustration (Pixabay Photo)

Auctions are commonplace in the United States, but we have never heard of such a sale. “Trump Plaza”, one of Donald Trump’s former casinos in Atlantic City, will be bombed next month on January 29, and with the right budget maybe one of you will be able to press the button that will collapse the building.

The mayor of Atlantic City, Marty Small, hopes to raise a million dollars when the money raised will be donated to activities for children. The mayor also said that the demolition could be used to build a new attraction, facing the shores of the ocean.

The casino was shut down as early as 2014 and stood abandoned over the years, until demolition work began this year. The casino was in an unstable condition when storms at the site caused parts of the building to collapse and endangered the public.

The casino was established in 1984, it is one of the four Trump gambling houses that were shut down in the city that year. Also in 2016, Trump’s Taj Mahal casino closed in the city, symbolizing his exit from the gambling business in Atlantic City.

As of 2016 the complex has been owned by businessman Karl Aiken, who was one of Trump’s main investors in the city and he also approved the demolition.

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