The New York governor could face federal charges

After the New York governor was reportedly under investigation following his conduct in the early days of the Corona crisis, the Attorney General’s Office published an article claiming that the governor could face federal criminal charges.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is under investigation and criticism for concealing deaths in nursing homes as a result of the Corona virus, which could lead to federal criminal charges, the former attorney general’s assistant warned.

In an article published in the Wall Street Journal, John Ducas – who was the Attorney General’s Deputy Attorney General in the Justice Department under President Donald Trump’s administration, said the case was very serious and could lead to “federal criminal charges.”

Ducas said the governor’s execution order in March last year that required New York City nursing homes to hospitalize patients found to be positive for the corona virus “resulted in many more deaths than reported to the public.” He added that “his administration appears to have been involved in concealing the situation, which is intended to thwart federal government oversight efforts.”

He said: “New York’s false statements about deaths from nursing homes have misled public health officials across New York while trying to develop strategies to combat a deadly epidemic. Apply to the governor, “Dukas warned.

As reported, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is under investigation by the FBI and the New York prosecutor who opened an investigation into how Governor Andrew Cuomo treated nursing homes in the wake of the ongoing epidemic, on suspicion the governor hid data and lied about the death toll.

Severe criticism was leveled including allegations that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo lied about the death toll in New York City nursing homes from Corona. The families of the dead called in response to a federal investigation. As you may recall last week, a senior aide to the governor admitted that the administration hid the death toll in nursing homes from lawmakers, fearing the numbers would serve as a blow to the Trump administration.