The new Peugeot 308 has been unveiled

Photo: Sports 5

Peugeot unveiled tonight (Wednesday-Thursday) the new 308, about eight years after the second generation was introduced that stretched the boundaries of its original shell to the limit. As recently reported here, the compact car will be the first to carry in its bow the latest Peugeot emblem unveiled a few weeks ago and symbolically it also marks a profound technological revolution for the French bestseller, starting with its exterior design, cabin, materials and propulsion systems.

The new 308 is based on an upgraded EMP2 floor with no small growth in size; It is 11 centimeters longer than its predecessor and now stands at 4.37 m. The wheelbase has also increased and here we are talking about an additional 5 centimeters for 2.68 m. The width remained similar with 1.81 m, but in the height dimension, in accordance with the aerodynamic changes, it shrank by 2 cm in the height of the ceiling. The trunk offers 412 liters, which is more carved (380 liters) as well as that offered in the Ford Focus (375 liters).

The engine range of the Peugeot 308 is now familiar to us from all SUV models, but at least at this stage conventional petrol and diesel units continue alongside plug-in engines to allow for a “discounted” entry into the family. The base will start with the 1.2 L turbo 110 and 130 hp petrol units and the 1.5 L turbo diesel HDI engine with 130 hp when connected to 8-speed manual or automatic transmissions.

The senior green engines will start with a 1.6-liter turbo plug-in with a maximum power of 225 hp. This is equipped with a 12.4 kW battery with a maximum driving range of 59 kilometers until depleted. Another model is based on a gasoline engine that produces 150 hp connected to A 110 hp electric motor combined, with a hybrid weighting, extracts a maximum power of 180 hp. Here, too, the battery will provide a driving range of about 60 kilometers and the two engines are also mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission.

It is possible that at a later stage the hot version known as the PSE will adopt a 300 hp plug-in hybrid engine. The GTI and GT versions were abandoned due to air pollution regulations.

Peugeot continues the I cokcpit philosophy in the interior space, and similar to the outgoing model, this time too the dashboard is elevated above a sporty and small steering wheel. The big changes lie in the back systems of the road computers and main screens that have been trained with much improved response speed and sharp resolution. Peugeot added shortcuts using advanced voice operation and the main display on the console was enlarged to a rectangular format and a special direct switch was added to enable climate control (physical and touch combined).

The human engineering has been updated in favor of the space, especially in the work area between the driver and passenger, with the use of an electronic gear selector instead of a traditional handle, so that the occupants have 34 liters of storage around them. The equipment list also includes Apple and Android wireless, luxury seats, mood lighting, panoramic ceiling, 360 cameras, wireless charging surface, peripheral parking sensors, electric seats with up to 10 directions, air quality monitoring in the cabin and much more. Safety systems now also include extended autonomous driving with direct travel speed adjustment in line with the route, including a reduction in travel speed at entry into sharp turns automatically.

The car will leave for Europe later this year. Prices range from 25,000 euros. The importer to Israel, David Lubinski, told Olam Harkav that the new 308 will arrive in Israel in the first half of 2022.