The government will discuss imposing a night curfew on Purim

Lily stops in Corona

Photo: Yonatan Sindel / Flash90

Cabinet ministers are expected to discuss tonight (Tuesday) the Ministry of Health’s demand to impose a sweeping night curfew on Thursday through Sunday, when Purim events are planned.

The ministry also demands a restriction of up to 1,000 meters from the place of residence, complete closure of trade during curfew hours and reduction of public transportation.

The Blue and White Party opposes the move and argues that the focus should be on closure or curfew in bright red localities only.

Blue and white ministers set conditions for convening the discussion on the restrictions on Purim: holding a discussion on the continued opening of the education system for seventh-tenth grades and the return of school days during the Passover holiday and the great holiday.

Corona’s commissioner, Prof. Nachman Ash, said this morning in an interview with 103FM that “a decision must be made – for Purim parties or education.

Minister Yuli Edelstein said last night in an interview with Gali Tzahal that “a night curfew can be beneficial in the current circumstances. We are in extensive discussions with other ministries as well. There is no ideal solution. There is no escape from the restrictions on Purim. “

According to him, there is a great fear of gatherings and parties that will be held in violation of the restrictions. “We try to avoid it. At the moment the information we receive is not encouraging, so at the cabinet meeting we will consider what to do in a state of curfew. We want to let people feel the holiday, eat with the family and hear a scroll, but avoid parties, mumbles and feast with everyone.”

The prime minister added, “Everything must be done to get through the holiday with a minimum of morbidity and a minimum of casualties. We hear about the organization of multi-participant parties and events contrary to the guidelines on the holidays – we must prevent this.”

The police are also preparing for increased enforcement during Purim – both in the traffic department and among the police officers enforcing the corona regulations – and in recent days the police have been gathering intelligence information regarding the parties planned for Purim.