The Falcon and the Winter Soldier program 1 concludes described by the director

* Spoilers for the Hawk and the Winter Soldier below *

Marvel’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has officially arrived on Disney Plus, which is based on Captain America’s closest friends as they pick up the pieces after the unfortunate events of Avengers: Endgame.

Director Kari Skogland takes viewers through the first program, discussing issues of race and trauma, and attempting the end of the first program to explain its importance and how it establishes the rest of the series.

In the opening scene of the action-packed series, Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson recalls his conversation with his friend Steve Rogers in which Steve, Captain of America, hands off the cover of his shield to Sam, the the Hawk. Steve (heard by Chris Evans) asks: “How does he feel?”

“Like someone else,” admits Sam. “No,” Steve confirms. That’s not enough to dispel Sam’s doubts or reassure him, and he solemnly packs the shield away, which he plans to return to the Department of Defense at a ceremony honoring Captain America.

Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie in the Falcon and the Winter Soldier

However, the last scene in the program shows Sam that the US government does not agree with his decision to drop the shield. Sam watches TV as a spokesman for the Department of Defense (Alphie Hyroth) confirming a new Captain of America (Wyatt Russell) in his place. Commenting on this view, Skogland said it was vital that a government official introduce a new American Captain using a “national language” needs heroes who reversible; we need heroes who are from seo planet, ”Skogland introduced how she explained the meaning of language to Variety.

“They had gone in, and obviously they did exactly what Sam had hoped they wouldn’t do,” said Skogland.. “Steve owns the shield. It belongs to that time. ”

Sam thinks the government’s decision is wrong, and will force him to reconsider his original position.

“What does it represent? What is the relevance? ” Lean Skogland. “We always told a racist investigation what it was like for a Black man to raise the shield. ”

When Captain America Walker appears for the first time, with his face hidden behind his mask, he reaches for a terrifying blow from the crowd as he flies the shield, before closing in for a cheeky wink at his camera.

“I wanted to be a hero,” Skogland said of Walker’s face staying behind his mask. “Lots of low corners and crazy images, until you get it right – you don’t get it at all. You’re trying to figure out, Who this guy is?

Eventually, the new Captain America will bring the characters together, with Skogland saying: “Sam and Bucky will have a very interesting interaction as they go through their adventure about that – what the shield means to each of them for different purposes. ”

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier are now available on Disney Plus. You can sign up for Disney Plus for £ 7.99 a month or £ 79.90 a year now. Take a look at the rest of ours Sci-fi and Fantasy broadcast, or check out what else is going on with our TV Guide