The day after the corona: 94% of recoverers suffer from side effects all the details

After a follow-up of about 6 months: Research results among Corona recoverers at Shaare Zedek show that 94% of the subjects reported symptoms and symptoms after 3 months while 95% of the recoverers have no evidence of lung or heart damage after 3 months. “We can say with caution that alongside the normal tests, most complaints go from three months to six,” says Prof. Gabriel Izbitsky, director of the Lung Institute at Shaare Zedek.

Testing complex in the north. Photo: Michal Giladi, Flash 90
The hope for the recovering

A national study conducted at the Lung Institute at Shaare Zedek Medical Center among about 166 patients who recovered from corona, shows that 95% of corona recoverers have no apparent evidence of irreversible damage to health or heart as a result of corona.

The study data show that 94% of all subjects still suffer from one of the symptoms 3 months after receiving a recovery certificate, with the most common symptom being shortness of breath in 57% of all recoverers.

Corona Department at Ziv Hospital in Safed. Photo: David Cohen, Flash 90

Along with the unequivocal results, there is also good news: “Almost all patients who came to us for a re-examination after six months reported a significant improvement in their general condition and their tests were usually normal. We also found that regular exercise 3-4 times a week is a significant factor in good and fast recovery. More”. Explains Prof. Izbitsky, director of the Lung Institute at Shaare Zedek, who led the study.

Shortness of breath, weakness and loss of sense of taste and smell

Shortness of breath, the most common symptom among the subjects 3 months after they recovered, was more common among the severe patients – 65%, compared to 50% in the mild group.
55% of recoverers reported general weakness – in the same way in both groups of subjects.
25% of subjects reported coughing, evenly in both groups
18% reported chest pain, equally in both groups.
11% slow from loss of sense of taste and smell.
8% suffered from neurological symptoms including dizziness, numbness and weakness in the hand or foot.

Prof. Gabriel Izbitsky. Photo: Shaare Zedek spokeswoman
Smoking and corona

“Additional data we saw confirmed what we already know about smoking and its damage to the lungs and the connection to corona complications. “When only 8% smoked in the past in the group of the light,” notes Prof. Izbitsky.

“The findings to which we were exposed in a hand study with the data on deaths and complications we witness require us to continue to adhere to the guidelines and avoid as much as possible the possibility of infection and also, it is recommended to go vaccinated against the corona virus,” adds Prof. Izbitsky.