That’s how Kim Kardashian told her daughter North about the divorce

Kim Kardashian (40) already Told her eldest daughter, North Seven-year-old West, You In the news of the divorce from Kenya West (43), so as per source The close one To the family. The relationship Between the coupleformer Have been tense for a long time, And in months The latter they did not live under one roof, so That the news must not have surprised the girl very much, Who ‘understands What she can do ‘.

“the children The younger ones do not know what is going on, but North does know ‘, said The source. ‘Kim She sat with her alone to tell her, what Which she did not do with the young people. Kim And Kenya has been living like this for a long time. This year The latter was just like that, When they Lived a separate life, physically And emotionally, Then Regardless of official documentsthey Did not have a conventional marriage ‘.

The source Continued: “This There will be no change for the kids. Might It may be easier now that lawyers will be able to handle everything. editorial board Their relationship was charged anyway, but They want to try their best in shared parenting. “.

Sat down with her for a chat. Kim and North | Photo: Instagram

source Shani told soothing news about Northwest’s brother: Saint Five years old, Chicago Three-year-old and little Salem, That more He was not two years old. “they Understand how much they can understand at their age, And their well-being Very Good”, said. ‘The situation Not going to change much. This Feels like [קים וקניה] divorce Since last summer “.

Regarding For the near future, source Tuesday said Kenya plans to buy a property in Los Angeles to be close to his children, Living There with their mother: “buy Still want to build a compound outside of Los Angeles, So He can see the kids when he gets to California. “. The source Added: “he Conducted with great discretion. he Hate Los Angeles because of the paparazzi, The noise And the crowd. he Loves to be isolated, surrounded Only in a very small group. So He is the most creative and happy “.

Kim Filed a formal divorce application b-19 in February, after Nearly seven years of marriage to Kenya. Nose One of them has not yet spoken publicly about the breakup, but According to reports, they Trying to run it without drama. Additionally, seen Shekim is requesting a joint physical and legal shift for the children, In order to That they will continue to grow up safely with both their parents.