Texas Chainsaw Murder 9 Bringing Back the Last Girl from the Original

Fede Alvarez’s legacy sequel to Texas Chainsaw Massacre 9 will reportedly feature an older version of Sally Hardesty’s last daughter of the original film.

Murt Texas Chainsaw 9 bringing back the last girl from the original film. Released in 1974, Tobe Hooper’s Murt Saw Texas Chain they introduced the famous movie monster Leatherface along with the rest of the Sawyer cannibalistic family. Terrible work, the film has impressed countless filmmakers, including Fede Alvarez, who now plans to revisit Leatherface ‘s character for a sequel set decades after the 1974 classic.

Alvarez was undoubtedly the leader responsible for another horrific rematch, in 2013 Dead evil remake. For the upcoming awesome sequel to Leatherface, titled Straight Murt Texas Chainsaw, Alvarez will be represented by David Blue Garcia handling management duties. Obviously Hooper ‘s 1974 film has already received plenty of sequences and remixes, beginning with Hooper’ s 1986 film Murt Texas Chainsaw 2 and lead to the 2017 prequel film Leather. In 2013, he even received a half-legacy sequel by Texas Chainsaw 3D, though fans were largely disappointed with that film and its many plot holes, not to mention Leatherface’s infamous portrayal. Alvarez and Garcia will now try to do something better Texas Chain a legacy sequel with their own version, which brings back Leatherface as an old man.

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In fact it has now been revealed that Leatherface is not the only original Murt Saw Texas Chain a character ready to return in Alvarez’s legacy series. As reported by Bloody exile, the film also brings back Sally Hardesty, the only character who survived the Leatherface rampage in the 1974 film. As an early example of the last horror girl trope, Hardesty was produced by Marilyn Burns. Sadly, Burns died in 2014, so in the new film Hardness is played much older by Olwen Fouéré.

In fact, Burns returned to the Murt Texas Chainsaw suffrage in what has been mentioned Texas Chainsaw 3D, playing the character Verna Carson, matriarch of the Sawyer family and aunt of Leatherface. At the same time Sally Hardesty ‘s character was only mentioned Texas Chainsaw 3D and of course he did not appear in any film in the Murt Texas Chainsaw franchise after surviving from the original film. Actress Sally Hardesty Fouéré should be known to fans of the horror as she appeared in 2019’s Marine fever as well as 2018’s Mandy.

That Alvarez and Garcia bring in Fouéré to play Sally Hardesty for the stab at Texas Chain a sequence of legacy is interesting to note, as it shows that the film will try harder than Texas Chainsaw 3D to maintain some sort of continuity with the original film. It remains to be seen how wide Sally’s role will be. The film’s plot is of course about new young victims finding their way into Leatherface’s scenes, but somehow Sally is involved as well. Murt Texas Chainsaw 9 it does not yet have a release date but is expected to come out sometime in 2021.

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Source: Bloody Disgusting

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