Superman & Lois recommendations where Jordan gained his powers (not from Clark)

Superman & Lois program 4 features big ads at a major turn coming for Jordan. It is possible that his powers did not come from being Clark’s son.

Superman & Lois the massive release of program 4 could be an idea that Jordan ‘s source of power is not what everyone thinks. In the pilot program, Jordan (Alex Garfin) was shown to have full powers. Prior to this discovery, Clark (Tyler Hoechlin) and Lois (Elizabeth Tulloch) were concerned that something like this could happen to one or both of their sons. Being Kryptonian children and humans, it was difficult to determine whether any of them had Clark’s powers – or to what extent.

Thanks to a speech by Jor-El (Angus Macfayden) at Fortress of Solitude, the Kent family discovered that Jordan’s powers did not develop to the same extent as Clark. Apparently, he can only do a fraction of what Clark can do, and that will not change in a significant way as he gets older. That was, of course, a disappointment to Jordan, who has come to the point where he will never be as powerful as the steel man. New exhibition in Superman & Lois Program 4, “Haywire”, raises new questions about the true nature of Jordan’s abilities.

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Morgan Edge (Adam Rayner) discovered much of X-Kryptonite in the Shuster Mines below Smallville. In the comics, X-Kryptonite can give people the powers of Kryptonians in the short term. The X-Kryptonite seems to be connected to the story of Jordan and Jonathan in the program, which revolved around a child named Tag (Wern Lee) developing the ability of a mentahuman over whom he could not control. It could be “content”Implemented its powers largely left over from the X-Kryptonite piece. That would explain why its power seems to be a weaker variant of speed. A tag having some sort of Kryptonian core capability gives the impression that X-Kryptonite shares the same properties as the alien miner from DC Comics. This means that the door is now open Superman & Lois to show that Jordan did not inherit his father’s gifts.


While Jordan shares some of Superman ‘s abilities through genetics certainly makes sense, X – Kryptonite’ s definition also does. In fact, the comic book version of it gives Kryptonian capabilities to others. Also, this would explain why they did not have Jordan until they came to Smallville, where the X-Kryptonite is located. It may have happened without him being aware of the day they came to the city, and he would explain why he does not have full Kryptonian powers.

It is worth considering what difference it would make in the long run if this happens. As previously pointed out, the effects of X-Kryptonite were only temporary in the comics, and if the same applies to Arrowverse’s explanation of it, Jordan’s new success on the top football team may be school is coming to an end much sooner than expected. Superman & Lois. Jordan’s powers would disappear from an unfortunate view of the character, but if Clark investigated, he could at least find out about X-Kryptonite and hopefully stop Morgan Edge before his plan goes too far. long.

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