Stardew Valley ‘s major 1.5 update will arrive on Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation

Several weeks after the major 1.5 update for PC players, Stardew Valley developer ConcernedApe has announced that the same update is now live on consoles. With this update, players on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation consoles can access the many new features that come with this major update.

The Stardew Valley an update was announced by the game’s developer on February 11 and should now be available for everyone. With this update, token players will be able to access the great features that arrived for PC players back in December, including local full-screen co-op play, the ability to sit in chairs, as well as several new locations, events, puzzles. , and minigames.

As players have come to expect from the steep farming simulator, the game has expanded again, making gameplay even stronger than it already was. For example, the 1.5 update will bring a new NPC named Leo which, like the other NPCs, includes its own plot, backstory, and the like. Some high school NPCs have also arrived; they are named Gourmand Frog, Birdie, and Professor Snail.

There is a dynamic, changing volcanic fort, new Qi challenges, an unopened island farm and a farmhouse area for farming, as well as a new non-openable resort. Players notice Golden Coconuts to unlock the smithy, Golden Walnuts to unlock new content and areas, and gem birds that drop gems as you approach them.

The upgrade goes on from there, adding a handful of other modifications, including several new enemies, an Obelisk Island building, additional puzzles and mysteries, the addition of an ostrich to build as a farm animal, more advanced game options, the option to move. the usual shipping bin, and much more.