Spotify has announced Spotify HiFi: Lossless quality streaming

After years of requests from users, the world’s largest streaming service announces the possibility of high quality audio. However, it is not known when the feature will be available in Israel

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Last night (Monday) Spotify held Stream On, its big and first announcement event for 2021. We had quite a few announcements in the field of podcasts, but also one announcement that will cause some of us, especially the audiophiles, to upgrade their premium subscription.

Spotify HiFi: It’s time

So far, the quality of the audio files on Spotify has reached 320kbps and is quite lagging behind, while more niche music services like those of Amazon and Tidal have introduced the option of high quality listening for quite some time. Which means that if you listened to music on Spotify, you missed quite a few details in the songs as a result of their compression.

After years of requests from many users (Spotify even claims that it is one of the most requested features on a regular basis), Spotify was finally answered and introduced “Spotify HiFi” for the first time. During 2021, Spotify will launch a new program “in selected markets” that will allow listening to music in Lossless format and high quality. Spotify claims that they are working with manufacturers of speakers and other devices to enable Lossless quality streaming via Spotify Connect.

Unfortunately, Spotify has not revealed the markets in which it will launch the service, nor the pricing of the new feature, which will surely lead to an additional charge. For comparison, the premium package in Tidel costs $ 9.99 per month (as in Spotify) while its HiFi package costs $ 19.99 per month, so you can expect similar pricing from Spotify as well.

Podcasts, podcasts and some more podcasts

In case you haven’t noticed, Spotify wants to be the undisputed queen of the podcast world (and makes quite a few moves to make it happen). And also on Stream On she had quite a few announcements in this area. After investing huge sums of money in the world of podcasts, it seems that Spotify has also decided to make money from it, launching the Spotify Audience Network, which looks like its counterpart to the Google and Facebook advertising network, which will allow advertisers to access advertisements (especially in audio format) while listening to exclusive and original podcasts. The company and music supported through commercials.

Spotify notes that it will allow advertisers to reach an audience of hundreds of millions of listeners on and off its platform, so it seems that it also plans to track listeners even when they are not necessarily listening to music.

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In addition, Spotify claims that it has well polished the Streaming Ad Insertion service (or injecting ads, if you will) into podcasts that allow targeted ads to be played while listening to podcasts, and is now ready to launch it in additional markets over the coming year. In addition, Spotify will start testing additional features on Megaphone and Anchor podcasts such as audience-based acquisition, Native advertising and creative-based analytics. Spotify will also allow podcasts to purchase ads on the platform, and promote themselves on various screens of the app.

If you’re on the side listening to podcasts (although our sense is that every Israeli already records a podcast), Spotify has announced a collaboration with the company of the Russo brothers, who may be selling to you behind the scenes of the greatest Marvel movies; A multi-year collaboration with the DC Comics Company that will produce feature-length podcasts starring the greatest heroes and villains like Batman, Wonder Woman, Joker, Catwoman, Harley Quinn and more; And also, the company has announced a new podcast called Renegades that unites… Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen ?! In each of the 8 episodes of the new podcast, the two will talk about a different topic such as race, fatherhood, marriage, the future of America and more. The first two episodes are already available to listen to.

Finally, Spotify announced that it is expanding its service to more than 80 new markets worldwide and in 36 new languages ​​with more than a billion new users that it will try to subscribe to. After that, Spotify will be available in 170 markets. If it’s not clear by now – Spotify wants to take over the world.

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