Spider-Man’s Villains Wreak Havoc will be on the Marvel Universe in New Variant Covers

The “Sinister Villains of Spider-Man” cover features enemies of the web villa fighting several heroes across the Marvel World.

Spider-Man has one of the most popular sets of supervillains in comic book history, and in June they steal attention in a series of changing covers.

The “Sinister Villains of Spider-Man” series will feature 20 covers from a collection of star artists, showing the heroes of the Marvel universe fighting against the enemies of the web. The covers that have been shown include Immortal Hulk # 47 by Declan Shalvey, featuring Hulk and Rhino’s cost to each other; Daredevil # 31 by Greg Land which sets the Man Fearless against the Shocker; and Shang-Chi # 2 by Stormbreakers artist Natacha Bustos, in which Kung-Fu Master takes on the capture of King Cobra.

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Finally, Miles Morales: Spider-Man # 27 by Rose Besch features a cover with Miles fighting Dr. Carolyn Trainer – better known as Lady Octopus. The redesign of a trainer, as well as her fighting Miles, pays homage to him Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Marvel will also release a series of variable covers highlighting its LGBTQIA + characters in June for Profit Month. Covering the covers is artist Phil Jimenez, who designed New X-Men and Amazing Spider-Man for the publisher.

The “Sinister Villains of Spider-Man” variable cover program begins Amazing Spider-Man # 67, which goes on sale on June 2nd.

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