Some customers say their DJI V2 goggles are not functional

So your new DJI FPV Combo has arrived. You are excited. You open the new box and pull out those goggles. You read the instructions and try to get everything going. And then? They don’t work.

There’s no question that DJI’s digital FPV goggles are truly stunning. When the first flight of this product was released, they quickly came to goggles for FPV drone pilots. Pilots around the world were willing to scramble for the product and pour more money into redesigning their quads to fly with the Air FPV unit, or Caddx Vista. All good, right?

And then came DJI’s FPV Combo.


Many people were able to activate their systems without issue when they received the combo. But others did not. And Ryan Smith is one of those people.

Ryan contacted us to share his frustrations with the goggles. Let’s take a look at Ryan’s story; he is not alone.


Ryan has been around the drone scene for about 5-1 / 2 years. He knows how to fly, and has gained experience in executing outputs out of the box. As he said, “[I] I have a lot of experience under my belt, this is not my first rodeo with DJI LOL. ”

But what happened to the V2 Goggles sent off with his combo is no laughing matter. We asked him to tell us what happened. Here is his story:

The drone arrived on Monday and I went on to do my own boxing, which was posted on my channel and then of course I was activated and as we all have a new toy take the time to learn step by step on my vacation. . Long story short, the goggles to the drone refuse to activate. I have tried to update, update, format firmware. Different tools have I tried? Four iPhones, three android phones, two iPads, and one android tablet. Nothing works – even suggestions from those who are much smarter than me on YouTube and forums.

Ryan Smith

The goggles, or course, are able to give a clear view of what the drone is seeing. But this is what Ryan sees when he looks at:

Knot in the inside of Ryan’s goggles…

Here is the other thing he has seen. And, trust us, this is not what you want to see when you’ve taken a week off and all you have to do is fly your new drone:


But, so far at least, no solution has been offered to solve Ryan ‘s problem:

That was Wednesday. Today is Friday …

And how does that leave Ryan feeling?

“To be honest,” he said, “I’m a little sorry.” And you would also:

While I understand that nothing in my life can be perfect every day, it ‘s not as if this was a faulty battery when you arrived or a drone that was kind of mistaken. -in; I would understand. But the fact that the drone is activated I know this because it allowed me to buy a DJI update, and of course the fact that I can see and do everything except fly to very sad, especially since I was planning to buy this around my birthday / holiday so I have this whole week off with a paperweight drone.

Ryan Smith

He is not alone

This problem has affected many people. Exactly how much, we can’t say – but it’s actually more than just a handful.

According to this Facebook thread, DJI has offered a temporary fix that includes the use of a login by DJI. However, says the thread, this option did not solve the problem for some of those who tried it. And that’s why DJI Cyclone FPV vendor has found a solution for the very customers who bought the combo or V2 goggles and have this case.

The solution is quite heavy, and involves delivering DJI FPV drone gills around so people can activate it. Everyone pays a $ 1 fee and agrees to give it to the next customer online. Here’s what the activation tool looks like:

Image used by permission of Cyclone FPV…

Here is what Cyclone FPV has to say on the relevant website page:

Cyclone FPV offers the DJI FPV Digital Community access to our enhanced DJI Brick that can be used in conjunction with your smartphone or tablet and your DJI V2 FPV Goggles to aid activation.

And here are the terms: It’s basically “Use the item, send it to the next person on the list.” Yes, it’s a bit sad. But on the other hand, it is a very innovative approach that demonstrates Cyclone FPV’s commitment to its customers. The goggles are, obviously, loaded with the right firmware, and Cyclone FPV has provided clear instructions for how to operate these goggles. Here are the rules for taking part:

The terms and conditions for borrowing that DJI brick

There is also a video

It was Tarek Maalouf Cyclone FPV who pulled this thing together, and posts in the FPV community show that people really appreciate the work that Cyclone FPV has put into this. Tarek made a video of the discount. If you’re interested in the process and want to learn more about what’s going on with this issue, check out:

Joshua Bardwell came up with a solution that might work for some people:

It is unclear what is causing this issue, and why it is likely to only affect some users. We have reached out to DJI for some information. We did not contact them until Friday afternoon, and we will update them when we hear back.

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