Sign up! A NASA astronaut has to spend a year on the ISS

A NASA astronaut has to “reveal a body” in order for the Russian-made film to win. In other words, to make room for the actor traveling to ISS, Mark Vande Hay must spend a full year at the International Space Station.

In other words, the astronaut must abandon his place in the capsule, which will bring him back to Earth so that the actor can return.

The first images were shot in space

As the Earth is not large enough, we have successfully captured some of it. In this 21st century space race, as we already know, there are commercial aircraft.

Meanwhile Tom Cruise Flying has already been named by NASA and SpaceX to appear in the first ever film made from Earth Roscosmos, a Russian space company, planning to make a film with a space logo.

For this reason, along with Channel One, Roscosmos is now available Looking for an actor It fits the design and is ready to take on the challenge of going further. In fact, the film is titled "Challenge".

Astronaut Mark Vande Hey, of NASA.

The astronaut sees their stay as a wonderful opportunity

Spaceships are not real planes because we know the clues on Earth. Therefore, sets are measured and significantly reduced.

Apparently, astronaut Hi Mark Vande, Expiring April 9, will have to stay there until spring 2022.

At a press conference, Vande Hey may be asked to surrender his place in the Soyuz capsule so that the actor can return to Earth. Although a year has long been known, the astronaut wishes he had never been in space for more than half a year, so now he has a chance to understand what it is.

Honestly, for me, this is an opportunity for a new life experience. I'm excited.

Hi then Marc.

So far, NASA’s Scott Kelly, which holds the record for the longest days in space, was 340 days away from Earth in 2016. Christina Koch recently finished second on an ISS ship with 328 days.

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