Shomron Council Chairman Yossi Dagan: “This is a true alarm”

Knesset “My Likud”

Photo: Spokeswoman

The head of the Samaria Council, Yossi Dagan, warns that complacency in the right-wing camp could lead to the evacuation of settlements and withdrawals.

“The combination of a hostile administration in the United States together with a government headed by Yair Lapid could lead to withdrawals and displacements, God forbid,” Dagan said.

Yesterday, the head of the Samaria Council announced Operation “Multipliers in 10 for Samaria”, in which every resident of Samaria will persuade ten voters outside Judea and Samaria to go out and vote for right-wing parties. The operation takes place by phone, zoom, and social networks, due to the Corona epidemic.

“We in Samaria are on a mission – to get the people to the polls,” says Dagan. Full, sovereignty over full and the series of all the settlements of Judea and Samaria over full, together we will all do it with the help of God.

” Every resident will open his contacts, friends from work, the army, family, acquaintances and work to get them to the polls and vote right. In Samaria, the voting percentages are among the highest in the country, and our goal is for this to be the case in all the right-wing strongholds in Israel, “Dagan added.

Dagan announced the operation during a cornerstone laying ceremony for a new neighborhood in Revava, with the participation of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Likud ministers.

Netanyahu then proceeded to the recently settled Havat Yair settlement, where he planted a tree together with the head of the Samaria Council. “I am proud to plant this tree here at Yair Farm after we began the process of regulating the place,” Netanyahu said. “We are building more and more in the Land of Israel, but we can do more. After the election we will regulate the entire young settlement, provided there is no rotation government that will prevent it from doing so.”

Dagan thanked Netanyahu and said, “I thank the prime minister who helped bring about the deposit – the initial stage of the series, the settlements of Havat Yair and Nofei Nehemiah, and thanks to that they are now connected to electricity. Together with you we will reach a full right-wing government.

Last night, Dagan held an emergency meeting with all the chairmen of the local communities committees in Samaria, where an agreement was reached on the operation and its details. To operating from the settlement of Har Bracha.

In the photo: Yossi Dagan and Likud ministers in a door-to-door operation in Ashdod in the previous elections. Photo: My Likud – The Likud Settlement Group.