Sevilla got excited: “Davor destroys Dortmund”

(getty) | Photo: Sports 5

Moanes Dabour scored his third goal of the season tonight (Saturday) in the Hoffenheim uniform, in his team’s 2: 2 draw against the powerful Dortmund. He thus became the first Israeli to score both against and against Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga.

Those whose goal has caught quite a bit of attention are actually fans of Sevilla, the striker’s ex. As is well known, the Andalusians will face Dortmund in the last eight of the Champions League, and it is important for them to get better momentum than the German rival. Sevilla beat Vasquez 0-1 tonight and continued with their great streak, while the Yellows-Blacks with just one win out of their last six rounds. “Davor destroys Dortmund,” some Sevilla fans wrote on social media.

Also, the German media dealt quite a bit with the rush that was recorded with the equalizer of Arling Holland in the 81st minute, which determined the end result. The Norwegian scored after Davor lay on the grass, which caused some Hoffenheim players to get upset and confront the rival players. A number of other commentators and tweeters tried to calm the spirits, claiming that “the Hoffenheim players did not stop the game and then lost the ball, so why do they expect the Dortmund players to stop?”.