Secret radio waves from space studied by scientists

Scientists have picked up mysterious radio wave transmissions from a nearby star, which is now being studied by the Breakthrough Listen project, a team that finds life in space.

During a 30-hour observation between April and May this year, the Parkes telescope in Australia picked up the signal, which is now thought to be emitted by Proxima Centauri, the closest star to The Sun. .

In an interview with the Guardian, Pete Worden, former Director of NASA’s Ames Research Center and now Executive Director of the Breakthrough Initiatives, of which the Listening project is a part, said: “The Breakthrough Listening team have found a number of unusual signs and are studying them carefully. These symptoms seem to suggest that we cannot yet fully explain them. Further analysis is currently underway. “

Signaling is not uncommon for the Breakthrough Listen project, and most are ultimately identified as human or natural events. Nonetheless, the news comes after a number of remarkable events that 2020 has on offer, including monoliths appearing in places around the globe (some claimed by fans). art), and a complete restructuring of life as most of us knew.