School of Moraitis becomes the first school in the world to launch a project to the moon with SpaceX

The School of Moraitis, from Psychiko, Athens, is the first school in the world to send a project to the Moon, through an upcoming space mission with the American aerospace company SpaceX.

“We are about to embark on a unique journey and launch a new educational program on space exploration. Our school will be the first school in the world to send stuff to the Moon! ” The School of Moraitis stated in a recent statement.

This exciting and progressive project with the Greek school is part of the Moraitis Moon Landing program, which takes place at all levels of the school, from Level 1 (age 6) up to secondary school year (age 18), with hundreds of students take part.

The ambitious program began in late January 2021, and is expected to be completed by the end of March, when students will submit their work and research results to SpaceX in the United States.

Moraitis School projects for lunar landing program
Students of all ages at the Moraitis School in Athens have participated in the Moraitis Moon Landing program and will be sending their projects to the Moon through SpaceX’s upcoming mission. Photo by Kathimerini newspaper.

The campaign for the Moraitis Moon Landing program began after the special collaboration between the School of Moraitis and Galactic Legacy Labs LLC, an American ‘space entertainment laboratory’, which works closely with Elon Musk’s SpaceX.

Galactic Legacy Labs aims to educate the public about space and familiarize people with the magic of the universe, not only in theory, but also on a practical level.

In addition, the company’s latest project, called Lunarprise, has invested in the next unmanned SpaceX mission to the Moon, and plans to launch a small “ark” of data. put, which will be recorded on a nickel miniature.

The data will include texts, images, personal testimonials and more, and will contain information about the Earth.

“Our school has the right to receive material with this mission to the Moon through Galactic Legacy Labs and their Lunarprise program, of which we are a part, and of course SpaceX spacecraft,” explained the School of Moraitis.

Moraitis School projects for the Moon coming ashore
Photo by Kathimerini newspaper

The aim of the curriculum is to introduce students to the historical, scientific, technological and philosophical aspects of space exploration, and to enable them to engage with one of the largest projects in the world and one of the world’s largest companies, SpaceX.

The scientist in charge of the program is the astronomer and director of the School of Lyceum (High School) School of Moraitis, Dr. Loukas Moraitis, who coordinates the people in charge of the program and the organizations. of teachers.

“Space exploration is one of the most exciting ways for children to get closer to science and understand the power of human will,” said Dr Moraitis.

“Depending on age and stage, students will explore the different aspects of this fascinating subject and send their creations to the Moon.”

Through individual and group work, creative exercises, demonstrations and class or online discussions, children and adolescents become familiar with scientific concepts and learn skills necessary for place study, such as mental tolerance and ingenuity.

“It is interesting to think at this time, when children – as well as those in primary school – are locked inside their homes due to COVID epidemic and the locking restrictions, they have the ability to think that they will not stop. life on our planet, but it expands into space. ”

“All students are very enthusiastic about this project and we can’t wait to see what they create,” said Dr Moraitis.

Moraitis School
Moravian School in Athens

The Moon, as the closest celestial body to earth, is the main stimulus for human question and course in space.

This natural satellite of the earth multiplies human thought and its subjugation is one of the most important historical moments in human beings.

“Texts, images and other visual materials travel to our neighboring planet, and remain there in a form that cannot be destroyed by time or weather and atmospheric conditions.

“So we begin our journey to the Moon and the amazing and mysterious world of space! ”

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