Russia’s Chief Rabbi Rabbi Berl Lazar on a tour of food factories

Rabbi of Russia in the tuna factory

Photo: Dennis Pavlov

One of the systems invested in Jewish Russia is the “Exquisite Kosher Committee of Russia”, whose consistent and invested activity for about three decades is currently at the forefront of kosher systems.

Hundreds of food factories spread throughout Russia are receiving the kosher stamp whose good name has become famous among the food companies considered in the country.

With Russia’s development and branching ties with the countries of the world, exports have also increased accordingly, and as a result many food products from Russia go out into global marketing, containing basic food ingredients bearing the kosher stamp, and they are successfully marketed worldwide in full cooperation with elegant kosher systems in Israel and abroad .

The Chief Rabbi of Russia, Rabbi Berl Lazar, the founder and head of Russia’s elegant kosher system, visited and personally inspected the kosher committee of Yosef Yitzhak Marzel, at several large factories located in the city of Kaliningrad in western Russia, on the Baltic coast, from which food products are marketed. Europe by ships and freight trains.

Under the sign of ‘Pisces Maple’, the first visit was made to a new fish canning factory, which markets dozens of types of tuna in all major food chains in Russia. The second factory they visited is an oil factory, the second largest in the world, which has also been under the elegant kashrut for several years and has now also received a special kashrut for Pesach for legume eaters.

The visit, organized by the chairman of Russia’s kashrut committee, Rabbi Yosef Verezov, lasted for many hours, going into great detail, which left a great impression on the factory managers who personally accompanied the distinguished delegation. Afterwards, each received a matzah package and a bottle of wine in recognition. For the cooperation, for the benefit of thousands of kosher consumers in Russia.

The Chief Rabbi took advantage of his trip in the area to visit the large and glorious Jewish community of the city of Kaliningrad, headed by the rabbi, Rabbi David Shvedik.

On the entrance floor of the magnificent synagogue building, the guest honored by setting a mezuzah at the entrance of the new Chabad House office in the city, led by Chabad emissary in Kaliningrad Rabbi Avraham Baruch Deitch, and after a reception hosted by the community governor Vladimir Katzman , Rabbi Lazar toured the ever-complete mikveh of purity in the basement of the building, and said goodbye with congratulations to those engaged in the craft who will soon be able to complete the construction and increase purity and holiness in the city.