Regina King ‘s SNL Monologue Featuring Kenan Thompson Hyping Her Up

Regina King can finally add a host Saturday Night Live to her growing list of accomplishments. The If I could talk about Beale Street Oscar – winning actor and One night in Miami the director took the stage for the Feb. 13 program. Appropriately, for the first time ever SNL monologue, Regina King talked about her successful career, and mocked the joys and struggles of being a famous Black creator.

She opened the monologue by explaining that she grew up watching Saturday Night Live. “I remember watching Eddie Murphy on the show when I was a little kid, and thinking, ‘Wow, someday I’ll be on that stage.’ Then he left and I was like, ‘Hm, I’m good,’ “she joked.” I’m joking. It is an honor to be here. ”

She went on to talk about her impressive career, noting jokingly that how listeners approach her often varies by race. “I’ve had a very wild career. If you’re black, you probably know me from being in some of my favorite movies,” she said. “If you’re white, you probably know me Watchers, or this monologue right now.

“But I’m not complaining,” she said. “I like it that way. When a black reputation becomes too mad for me, I go to the nearest white city and become a suspicious old customer again.”

She then joked that Lorne Michaels said that if she ever felt anxious on stage, she could always “play the race card. “Then, she said, feeling upset,‘ He made a shimmy little shoulder and then blew it out of my dresser. “

Kenan Thompson later came out dressed in a bucket hat and gold chain. He said he had no particular reason to be dressed like that, and then he put out mic and sky. “Did you hear that? My daughter is out here killing him,” he said, waking up the crowd after King talked about his first directorial film. One night in Miami. “My madness, you still don’t beat high enough,” he said, pointing to someone in the audience.

King basically told him to stop, saying, “I’m a trained actor, I don’t need that.” But Thompson is right in bragging about King ‘s role. She was recently nominated for a Golden Globe and a Guild Screen Actors Award for One night in Miami, and last year won an Emmy for Watchers. While she is known for her amazing roles, King looked at her SNL that she has funny chops too.

Appropriately, ahead of herself Debate, Feb. 6, King Dan Levy left a sticky note on the backstage mirror. “Regina! You got this! Big love, Dan,” read the note. As King confirmed tonight, Levy was absolutely right.