Ramzi Spori wants to smile again in Ashdod

In the transfer deal of Sagiv Yehezkel from MS Ashdod to Hapoel B’Shlosha, Ashdod received Ramzi Spori. For many, it was a matter of an “attachment” that was not really important.

Half a million euros was paid by Hapoel Beer Sheva to Hapoel Tel Aviv for Ramzi Spori at the end of the 2019 season. The talent was always there, also the ability, the problem was the stability, the injuries and the fact that Spori wandered from several teams in a relatively short time.

In an interview “for an open field” in the sports comments, there is a story: “I lost my confidence last season. Spoken, “I did not always open and did not express my abilities.

I felt that the best thing for me was to go on loan to Ashdod to regain confidence. I had a difficult time. “

“I know they expected a lot from me in the WC,” the contact continued, “I started last season very well and slowly everything faded. The system changed, we were cut in salary, I did not play consistently and there were more problems. The corona hurt us a lot because the crowd at Turner is very pushing. ”

Now, Spori is in third place in the league along with Ashdod: “After meeting our goals and advancing to the top playoffs, we want to win the cup and finish in third place.

We will fight for it in every game. Ran Ben Shimon? He is first and foremost a human being. Everyone is playing for him and he is a friend of the players. He went into our heads, like a psychologist. “

“He really wanted me to come to Ashdod. Ran is working with me personally so that I can make the leap.” Will that jump be reflected in the toilet? ”I am ready for a corrective experience. Every player in the country wants to play in this club. “

Spori is scheduled to return to BS next season, but Ashdod does not rule out the option of keeping him at all, of course under appropriate conditions and in accordance with the ability with which he will end the season.

Spori’s contract is high, he earns over 220,000 euros a season, an amount that currently mainly BS pays and Ashdod completes. Since it is a few months until the end of the season, then the cost is relatively not high. With such a salary Spori is clear he can not continue in Ashdod.