Prince Harry describes a ‘hole’ left by Diana in a poignant message to bereaved children

Prince Harry has opened up about the pain he suffered after the death of his mother to help children suffering from dementia in a pandemic coronavirus infection.

The Duke of Sussex wrote a heartfelt message reflecting on the pain of losing Princess Diana to the children of health workers who have been lost to the hard virus.

He wrote the note in the introduction to a new book for bereaved children about British NHS heroes.

Harry wrote Diana’s death in 1997 at the age of 12 on a “big hole in me” but that it was eventually filled with “love and support”, according to The Times.

The book, Hospital by the Hill, tells the story of a young man whose mother died working on the front line of a hospital during the Covid crisis.

Written by Chris Connaughton and illustrated by Fay Troote, the book is being presented to grieving children as part of next week’s National Reflection Day, a Government campaign to mark the anniversary of the lockout. .

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The Duke of Sussex who thought of the pain of his mother’s death in an introduction to a book

“If you are reading this book, it is because you have lost your parent or someone you have lost, and although I wish I could plug you in now, I hope this story can comfort you by knowing that you are not alone, “the Duke writes.

“When I was a young boy I lost my mother. At the time I didn’t want to believe him or accept him, and he left a big hole in me. I know how you feel, and I to reassure you that over time that hole will be filled with so much love and support. “

Harry wrote that he had discovered that even though a missing person could be gone forever, they were “always with you and you can hold on to them forever”.

“You may feel alone, you may feel sad, you may feel angry, you may feel bad. This feeling may pass away. And I promise you – you will feel better and stronger once you are ready to talk about how it makes you feel, ”he wrote.

Harry spent the last years of his time as a royal campaign working on mental health issues.

Hillside Book Hospital by Chris Connaughton
Harry’s introduction is in the new book Hospital by the Hill

During the separation from royal life with his wife Meghan Markle, he has spoken publicly about his struggles.

The pair gave a close interview for an ITV documentary on their Royal Tour of Africa, where Harry seemed to be confirming long-standing rumors of a long-running feud with his brother, Prince William.

They also told the world that they had suffered a miscarriage after the birth of their first child, Archie.

The couple netted their mental health problems for a global audience of millions this month in their bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey.

In the interview that sent moving waves through the Palace, Harry told Oprah that his late mother would have been begging for his way out of the mansion.

And Meghan revealed that she had been committing suicide after she married into the royal family.

She and Harry credited each other by “saving” each other, as Harry said seeing his wife struggle put him in a “dark place” and reaffirmed their decision not to seek independence and start a new life.

Meghan and Harry gave a close interview with Oprah in which they raised their mental health struggles

Meghan said in the interview that her desperate efforts to seek mental health help from the palace fell on deaf ears.

And Harry described stock culture among royals, telling Oprah that he had grown up believing mental health was something you hadn’t talked about.

He also said that William and Prince Charles’ father were “locked up,” and said he hoped to recover with family.

The Queen issued a statement after the interview, and it was said that they intended to speak to the couple in person in a phone call to their home in California.

The statement said the family “found it difficult to learn the level of challenge of the past few years for Harry and Meghan.”

Allegations of racism in the interview – including claims made by a royal body about Archie’s skin color – would be taken seriously but handled in private, the statement said, adding “memories can range from -different ”.