Pierre Gasly tried to get information from Leclerc on the shape of the Ferrari

Pierre Gasly has stated that he contacted Charles Leclerc after a test, “just trying” to get some inside information on the Ferrari format.

While Red Bull won the preseason test this year at Bahrain’s round, 1: 28.960 at Max Verstappen’s fastest, AlphaTauri was second with Ferrari third fastest.

The gap between Yuki Tsunoda’s best time in the AT02 and Carlos Sainz in the SF21 was 0.55s.

Ferrari thought Ferrari was threatening sand.

The Frenchman even sent a message to his good friend Leclerc hoping he would learn the mysteries of Scuderia.

He told Stats Perform News: “I think Ferrari is a lot like hiding and not showing too much. Compared to last year I think they are clearly better.

“I spoke to Leclerc after the test and we exchanged a message or two, talking but not too much, just trying to [laughing] you have an idea! ”

He said: “I think we are close. I don’t know if they are ahead of us or if we are a little ahead. But they have clearly taken a step forward. ”

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As for the rest of the grid, the winner of the 2020 Italian Grand Prix believes McLaren, who finished third last year, could be a strong challenge this year.

Not only has McLaren turned into Mercedes engines, there is also Daniel Ricciardo, who won seven seven – time prix in the mix.

The battle for the tournament, however, will be between Mercedes and Red Bull.

“I think McLaren seems to be a strong opponent and competitor right now, especially with the Mercedes engine,” he said. “It seems they have been able to put together a strong package.

“Then at the top, we’ll see what happens between Mercedes and Red Bull. It is very difficult to say and make any decision.

“Mercedes had a very difficult test, with some reliability issues, but we know how strong they are as a team so I wouldn’t be surprised to see them clearly. ”

The 2021 season kicks off next weekend with the Bahrain Grand Prix.

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