Palestine killed by IDF during stone-throwing fighting

IDF soldiers shot dead Palestine on Friday while throwing stones at the West Bank, a passenger witness said. The man, originally identified as Sheikh Atef Yousef Hanaisheh, was shot in the head and taken to a hospital near the West Bank city of Nablus where he later died, the Palestinian health ministry said. Seeking comment, the IDF said the incident was under investigation. Hanaisheh, who is in his forties, was involved in a weekly protest against Israeli settlements in the small town of Beit Dajan, near a group of Palestinians threw stones at two IDF soldiers posted there, and the then the soldiers opened fire, said the passenger’s witness, a photographer. East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip, areas captured by Israel in the 1967 Middle East war, and controlled by the military and civilian IDF.

The Palestinians, who have limited autonomy in the West Bank, say Israeli settlements there will deny them a working state. Most countries see the settlements as illegal under international law. Israel is arguing about this, citing security needs as well as biblical and historical ties to the land. Israeli-Palestinian peace talks collapsed in 2014.Jerusalem Post staff contributed to this report