Omar Adam in extraordinary surprise to the fans. Watch

Knitted News14.02.21 15:19 B. Bader Tishpa

Photo: Shay Franco

While he is still touring overseas, successful singer Omar Adam is opening the week with a new mini-album.

Today (Sunday) the first song from the album – “Soundtrack of My Life”, written and composed by Tal “Talisman” Ben Nun and Gilad MARKO Markovich, is released.

(Lyrics and melody: Tal “Talisman” Ben Nun and Gilad MARKO Markovich)

From today until next Tuesday, Adam will release a new single from the album every day. When the full album is expected to be unveiled on Wednesday.

The album he will read – THE 8, will include eight songs. Three new songs and also five songs that unfortunately have been leaked over the years and as a result have not been officially released so far.

Among the songs on the album THE 8 are three new songs written and composed for him by Natan Goshen, Tal “Talisman” Ben Nun and Gilad “MARKO” Markovich.

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