Old Apex Season 8 legends promoted by Weak and Connect issues

Apex Legends is currently struggling with weak and link issues that have led to notable members of the community marking the game as a joke.

Apex Myths free-to-play battle royale is very popular but it has been difficult to overcome some recent issues with weakness. The beloved hunter from Respawn suffers a loss with his player base for a number of issues preventing the game from enjoying distance but there should be a settlement on the way. soon.

Apex Myths launched in 2019 after games like Fortnite and PUBG taking over the zeitgeist. Players treated it well as a new form of sex that was quickly filled with a relatively unearned cash grip. The free-to-play title was another product of Respawn’s Titanfall series but has largely stood on its own, building on its own oral and folklore over the past few years. The game was featured in praise because its game is fluid, fun and easy to understand, unlike Titanfall yourself. The battle royale title even features unparalleled heroes who have a number of unique abilities to help fight, something that not many other titles have successfully done. Even if he likes games Warzone has become more popular since then, Apex Myths still holding its ground.

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With that, loyal fans start to lose patience with the game (via Dexerto). Apex Mythsthe new season introduced many new issues, such as error codes and unlimited loading screens. Players have also noticed a major weakening, causing them to fly back through walls and a rubber band in combat. Apex Myths player SoaR Daltoosh has named the issue “jokes“in a tweet. Others, like TSM-Albralelie, posted videos showing the chaos the connection issues are causing,

Some players have noticed that they have not played much of the game since the start of the season as the bond issues become too much. Respawn confirmed to Trello that he is investigating the issues and hopes to turn some solution relatively quickly. As of now, ETA has no solutions or packages for these seizure issues.

It seems that it will not take too long to resolve these issues. Department 2 they also had hard issues with its new PS5 piece but Ubisoft is already working on fixes. Given the sheer size of these teams and the resources they think are available, we hope it won’t take long to capture something as hard as this. After all, Respawn doesn’t want to lose Apex Myths player medal. However, it ‘s not a good idea when something like this could upset a game so well to such a degree, even if it only lasts for a while.

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Source: Dexerto, TSM_Albralelie, SoaR Daltoosh

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