Official: Pau Gasol returns to Barcelona

Now it’s official: After 20 years, Pau Gasol returned to Barcelona. The Catalan team and the 40-year-old chin have announced his signing until the end of the season. “I am very happy to announce that I will return home and join Barcelona soon,” Gasol tweeted in his official Twitter account.

“I want to bring from my experience and abilities to the benefit of the club at this critical stage of the season. At the same time, I still need to advance in everything related to my medical condition and fitness,” Gasol added.

Gasol announces his return

Gasol began his professional career in Barcelona in 1998. Three years later he was selected third in the draft by Atlanta, but was transferred directly to Memphis. Gasol played a total of 18 seasons in the NBA in the Grizzlies, Los Angeles Lakers, Chicago, San Antonio and Milwaukee.

He has won two consecutive championships with the Lakers (2009 and 2010), played six times for the All-Star and was even selected as a rookie this season. Even before his NBA career, Gasol won two championships with Barça and the Spanish King’s Cup.

Gasol’s international career with the Spanish team is even more impressive. The legendary chin has three Olympic medals (two silver and one bronze), he also won the world championship (2006), three times in Eurobasket, twice in second place and two more times in third place.

Among other things, one of the reasons Gasol returned to Barcelona is in order to best prepare for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.